Here's the story


You've got your ecommerce site up and running, sales are streaming in. But then: tragedy! You receive an email from a customer that is dissatisfied with your services or goods and demands a refund.

Hey, it happens. You'll find no judgement from me - some people are just impossible to please.

"No problemo!" you think as you log in to the merchant portal and process the refund - and just in time too. Your customer is appeased, you've avoided the social media outburst, and all is well with the world.

While you sip on your celebratory cup of coffee, another email arrives: another dissatisfied customer.
Then another.
And another.

You spend hours manually processing refunds via the merchant portal.

While you cry into your (now cold) celebratory coffee, you think: "Surely there must be a better way?"

If you've chosen CyberSource, Peach Payments or Ozow as your payment gateway, then cheer up - there is hope!

We have many years of ecommerce back-office experience. We're here to help you with your refunds.

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